Of all the places the Navy took him none were as exciting as the place he learned to love and serve the Lord, Lighthouse Baptist Church, San Diego. He and his wife joined the church and served there for 8 years under Pastor Doug Fisher. After his military term was over he enrolled in the church's Bible Institute and graduated 3 years later. In 1995 he was ordained by Pastor Fisher.
Pastor Wright met his wife Melissa, a native of San Diego, while serving in the Navy. They currently have been married for 20 years and have been blessed with seven children.
The Wrights home schooled their children for 13 years. Tom the oldest is 18 and will be a Freshman in college in the fall. The rest of the children will be attending Zion Christian School this year Tammy is 16 and is learning to play the piano and has many outside interests. Kimmy is 15 and likes to read in her spare time as well as play board games. Basketball is Jimmy's, age 13, favorite activity. He also likes bike riding, playing games and singing with the family. Eleven year old Vicky has taken an interest in piano like her older sister Tammy and likes keeping in touch with her friends via email, as well as reading and crocheting. Ricky is a new 10 year old and likes to play basketball, ride bikes, and wrestle with his brothers. Sometimes you'll catch him with a book in hand as well. Andy, 6, is the youngest in the family and will do anything the rest of the crew is doing. He is easy going and just likes to play and be around people.